Aero is back with a new design for its floating shelf.

The floating shelf looks like a traditional table, but the new design is much smaller and lighter.

It is also slightly more portable.

The product page says it is “an extension of the Aero Gear line of portable desks”.

The Aero Gear Floating shelf has a range of two sizes.

The larger model weighs about 60kg and the smaller model is about 30kg.

The new design weighs about 20kg and has a battery life of 12 hours.

The shelf is available in three colour options, white, blue, and green.

It also comes with a “Comes with two batteries and an AC adaptor” note.

The Floating shelf is not the only Aero product that features a lighter design.

Aero also released a new product called the Aerogrow that is designed to keep the Aeros head on the ground.

It features a floating shelf, but it is much thinner and lighter than the Aeroballs Floating shelf.

A lot of people are still not convinced that the Aeromax Floating is a better floating shelf because the design of the Aero Gear version looks a lot like a standard table.

Aeros product page The Aeroos product website also lists the AeroGear Floating as being a “new addition to the Aerotools range of floating shelves”.

So, you can imagine why people are confused about whether this product is actually a floating table.

The AeroGearFloating will be available on Amazon in November for $299.99.

You can read more about the product here.

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