Aussie cryptocurrency company Chipblocker has launched a hardware wallet for crypto hardware.

The company’s flagship hardware wallet is based on the ARM-based chip architecture of the popular ARM Cortex-A9 platform, and can be used with a wide range of hardware platforms, from smartphones to tablets and laptops.

Chipblocker’s flagship wallet is the CannaBank Lite Wallet.

It’s a single piece of hardware designed to be used for both desktop and mobile applications, and it comes with the company’s secure encryption keys.

Users can choose to store their cryptocurrency wallets in the cloud, or they can use the wallet to receive payments.

The CannaCloud Wallet is available for pre-order now on the company website.

In an interview with The Register, Chipblockier’s co-founder and chief technology officer, Michael Scott, said that the company has been working on the hardware wallet since its inception in December 2017.

“We’re not in a rush, we’re in a process of building a community around the product, and getting it out to people,” Scott said.

“I think the thing about Canna Cloud is that it’s a community-driven product, where we’re giving the community the opportunity to make changes and have an impact on the product.”

Scott said the company was able to quickly ramp up to the point where it could support multiple currencies, with a single wallet for any cryptocurrency.

He said the wallet’s design was inspired by the classic Bitcoin wallets that have been around for decades.

“It’s not really a new product, it’s not a brand new product.

It’s the same design, the same hardware,” he said.

He also noted that the Cancas wallet is designed for ease of use, with just one click to download the wallet and start using it.

“When you’re going to be using your wallet, it really is the easiest way to start,” he explained.

“The only thing you need to do is download the file, and open the file and click it.

You don’t need to have any other apps open or anything like that.”

Scott also said the CanyooWallet was a step towards making crypto hardware accessible to more people.

“If you have a smartphone, you have to open the app, download the app and then go through the process of opening the app.

And that’s not going to happen with CannaWallet,” he told the Register.”

With CannaCoin, the way you can go from smartphone to cryptocurrency, the process is very similar, the only thing that’s different is the wallet.”

The Canyoos wallet is available now for preorder on the Chipblockers website.