Denver, Colorado — Snowboarding has never been more popular in the city.

The ski resorts are packed, the crowds are bigger, and the ice is more slippery.

But some are now taking precautions.

For the first time, skiers will be banned from using snowboard accessories and equipment that’s made of nylon or polyester, which are banned in the snowboarding community.

While the ban is on the books until June 1, some people who use skis and snowboards outside the city are using them to help protect themselves from the deadly winter weather.

“It’s very much the way of the past,” said Kevin MacLeod, owner of the Colorado Skateboard Shop in Denver.

He’s one of many who is concerned about the dangers of the material.

Snowboarders say nylon and other synthetics have been linked to allergies, cancer, and other problems.

It’s become so popular that some of the manufacturers and brands have even started to make them in-house.

Some skiers have already started to use them in the past week to protect themselves and others.

MacLeod said they’re making them in his shop in the hopes that other skiers would do the same.

And he’s not the only one worried about the effects.

A large number of people have reported getting respiratory illnesses because of the respiratory hazards they’re exposed to, including colds, sinus infections, and coughs.

If you have any of these respiratory problems, call your doctor right away.

Nylon is made from a type of polyester used in furniture, fabrics, and leather products.

In the past, it was made from cotton and wool, which had higher chemical properties than nylon.

But synthetics, which have been around for decades, were found to be more toxic and have been found to cause lung damage, cancer and other adverse health effects.