With the latest generation of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset finally shipping in early 2019, the AR-powered headset has become the go-to headset for gamers.

While many have been excited to finally get their hands on the headset and play with the latest AR gaming technology, it’s also been a bit of a mixed bag for those who aren’t tech savvy enough to own an Oculus Rift headset.

As the name suggests, Belmont is using the Oculus VR headset to control their AR-enabled gaming system, and the company says they’re currently testing the device with some professional players.

According to Belmont, the Rift’s AR tracking system was used to detect motion in the headset, and when a player was looking at the Rift, they would see an arrow pointing down, and a small circle that looked like the outline of a character on the ground, which could indicate a hit.

When players were looking up, they saw an arrow with the same outline, but the circle on the other side was pointing upwards.

The Oculus Rift’s positional tracking system also used to track the player’s head position, and this was used when a hit was detected, according to Belmont.

Players that had the Rift connected to a PC or laptop could use the Oculus tracking software to make the character appear in the game, and they could even turn on the Oculus camera and view the virtual world.

Players were able to customize their character, and even control their character in the world using the keyboard.

The game even included the ability to switch characters between different characters, and players could select from a list of pre-made characters.

The company also says that if they want to add their own custom character, they can do so by creating a new character on their account.

Players could even set a custom avatar for their avatar, which was the only thing that changed when the headset was on and the game was in progress.

The new headset also came with a custom keyboard, which players could use to control the character.

Belmont says that it’s not yet clear whether or not players can use the headset in a first-person shooter mode, but they have plans to add that functionality.

The new Belmont headset has also been the subject of a bit more controversy.

The headset has been criticized by some gamers for its awkward design, but Belmont said that it will be fixed soon.

It’s unclear if the new headset will come with a dedicated tracking pad or a mousepad, but that should improve the experience.

Belmond also said that there was a problem with the headset not working properly on some phones, but it was working on fixing the problem.