Jerry Springer and Keith Hernandez are back at it, this time on “The Amazing Racers.”

It’s their third appearance on the show, and both of them are excited to be back with the other two in a big way.

“The race was very much the show that we were going to do,” Springer said on “AMR,” explaining why he’s happy to be on the season finale.

“It’s definitely been a thrill, especially after a year where we’ve had so many great years and it’s a real honor.”

As for what they’re most excited to see next on the series, they both joked about a “crazy-sounding” new song they’re working on.

“We’re still working on a new song,” Springer added.

“I think the title is going to be ‘The End,’ but I think we’ll go with something crazy.”

“I’m not sure that it’s crazy,” Hernandez chimed in.

“Because I think I was going to say ‘We’re all going to die,’ but we’re all so cool, and I’m going to go with ‘We are all going on a boat.’

I mean, that’s a good one.”

“The End” premieres Wednesday, April 14 at 10 p.m. ET on Fox.