The Samsung Galaxy S5, as well as many of the Galaxy Note 5 phones, were announced this year with a new curved OLED display that is designed to be curved into a phone.

The display is the first of its kind to be manufactured in the world by Samsung, and it is designed with the same principles used for the company’s smartphones. 

Samsung’s latest smartwatch is the S5 Edge, which is also known as the Smart Edge, and features a curved screen and an integrated fingerprint sensor.

Samsung claims that the new display, which will be available in white and black, is the world’s first curved OLED screen.

This is because the curved panel has a very thin surface, which can be folded flat, and is also capable of being curved. 

The display is a combination of two OLED panels.

The first is a 3D curved LCD panel that has a flexible shape.

The second is a traditional flat-panel LCD panel. 

A curved LCD is an LCD panel with multiple lines and angles. 

As the curved panels are thinner than the flat panels, they are more flexible and allow them to be more bendable. 

In this case, the curved edges of the display give the curved OLED a sense of volume.

Samsung says that the curved edge of the curved display is able to bend up to 20% to 45% in a curved shape. 

There are many advantages to curved OLED displays.

The curved edge provides the same visual feedback as flat LCD panels, and can be used for gaming or for other applications.

The ability to be able to rotate the display with the finger can be a huge advantage when you are using the device as a gamepad. 

Some of the other major advantages include: A lower price: This display is actually cheaper than traditional flat LCD displays, and that is probably the most important benefit of the new curved display.

Samsung is claiming that the price of the S7 Edge will be lower than that of the flat display S7, because the panel is cheaper. 

It’s lighter: The S7 is the most expensive smartwatch in the smartphone market, and Samsung is selling the curved S7 as a “premium” smartwatch.

The new curved S5 is also designed to have a much lighter weight, which means that it is a bit more portable. 

Another advantage of the “premier” model is that it will be offered with the curved screen, which Samsung says will allow users to have the option of keeping the flat screen or the curved one. 

This is an exciting prospect.

The S5 and S5 edge will be the first curved smartwatches to be available with an OLED display. 

While curved OLED is not the only technology that Samsung is building, it is an important development, as it will allow the company to offer more features and more functionality than traditional curved OLED panels could ever offer.

Samsung has already launched its own smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S, and now it is pushing the envelope further by launching a curved smartwatch that will also feature an OLED panel.

Samsung plans to launch a curved display smartwatch later this year, and the company is expected to launch other curved smart watches in the future.